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SDCARD Section

The FRONT SD CARD is where PERFORMANCES, such as your own GLSL files, .png images, .mov files, 3D .obj files, .ttf fonts, .txt files, and other configuration information is stored. If you remove the SD CARD (or start without one) saving will be disabled. If you insert the SD CARD after you’ve removed it or started STRUCTURE, it will ask you about restarting the system so it can reset everything. This is normal.

When you save a PERFORMANCE or PRESET, STRUCTURE will make sure you have the necessary directory structure on the SD CARD. If the directory structure is missing, it will be created. The created directories are where you will install your own files. From the root of the SD CARD, these are the directories:
       images/ stores 24-bit color PNG files up to 1024 x 768 px. Other formats are not currently supported. New in fw4.2 – you can have subdirectories of images in the images/ or in performances/PERF<#>/IMG/ directories. You can then specify which directories are used in the IMG1 and IMG2 nodes.
       obj/ stores OBJ files. These files need normals and UV coordinates.
       glsl/gen stores GLSL fragment generator SHADERS that follow our guidelines (see ET GLSL SANDBOX section).
       glsl/fx stores GLSL fragment effects SHADERS.
Other subdirectories in glsl/ are for node-specific shaders :
      3d – 3D shaders
        3d_vert – 3D vert shaders
        dly – DLY shaders
        efx_audio – EFX shaders
        fb – FBK shaders
        freq – FREQ shaders
        img – IMG shaders
        mix – MIX1, MIX2 shaders
        rast – RAST shaders
        rast_vert – RAST vert shaders
        single_audio – AUD shaders
        video – VID shaders
        vxy – VXY shaders
        wipe – WIPE shaders
        xy – XY shaders
       text/ directory for .txt files used by the TXT node
       fonts/ True Type Fonts (.ttf) fonts used by the TXT node
       clips/ directory for .mov files for VID node: (See CLIP NODE in NODE dictionary for details on supported file types)
       performances/ collections of presets and media stored in PERF<#>/

In addition, the FRONT SD CARD is where you put new FIRMWARE files to be installed. You can download the latest firmware from https://erogenous-tones.com/structure-firmware/. To update the firmware, remove the front SD CARD from STRUCTURE and insert into a USB or SD card adapter to your computer. Copy the file from your computer to the SD CARD. When you re-insert the SD CARD, STRUCTURE will have you restart so it can use the card. When STRUCTURE boots back up, press the SYSTEM key and use the ENCODER knob to scroll to the UTILITY section, then select ‘Open Firmware Menu’. Use the soft keys to select the newest firmware and install. When you exit the Firmware Menu, STRUCTURE will reboot in to the new firmware. You can press the SYSTEM button to see the current firmware version at the top of the screen.

Note: You can also start STRUCTURE with the SYSTEM button held down to enter the Firmware Menu.

The BACK SD CARD should never be touched, modified, or removed. All firmware and user files come through the FRONT card only.