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AUDIO/CV Section

STRUCTURE has five audio and control voltage (CV) input lanes, Each lane has two knobs, a jack, and a switch. The switch allows you to set the voltage range of the CV input: 1V (up) for working with video modulation sources or 5V (down) for working with audio modulation sources.

All five lanes handle CV, but the first two lanes, 1/X and 2/Y, are dual purpose. First, they can be used at audio rate when your NODE SET contains audio NODES. Second, they can be used as regular LOW FREQUENCY CV just like CV3-CV5.

OFFSET adds a voltage into the CV input, from 0 to 5V. With no CV coming in, the input would be 0V, and this knob is what you use to control the current setting if you have a CV assigned to a PARAMETER. The SCALE knob is used to attenuate an incoming CV signal. Typically you use these knobs together to tune an incoming CV to where it works the best.

Note that the modulation sources FREQ L, M, and H always listen to CV1/X no matter how the CVs are assigned, to generate frequency level modulations.