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A PERFORMANCE is a collection of PRESETS (NODDE SETS and PARAMETER configuration), IMG files, CLIP files, TXT documents, and other system settings. They are stored on the FRONT SD CARD in the performances/PERF00? directories. If user data is stored in the clips/, font/, images/, or text/ directories, STRUCTURE will only use the media in those directories and not the default or top-level SD CARD folders while the PERFORMANCE is active.

Below is a visualization of the directory structure for PERFORMANCES, should you wish to use only selected media types.

NOTE: Do NOT modify the .xml files. Doing so will cause system instability and STRUCTURE crashes.

In this page you can save the current PERFORMANCE by pressing the SAVE PERF soft key. On the right side of the screen, you will see what parameters have been changed. In this example, a MACRO knob definition has been changed.

To create a new PERFORMANCE, press the NEW PERF soft key. STRUCTURE will confirm that you want to create a new PERFORMANCE.

If you wish to remove a PERFORMANCE, use the ENCODER knob to highlight the PERFORMANCE name and press the DELETE PERF soft key to delete it. NOTE: You CANNOT delete the active PERFORMANCE.

A window will pop up to verify you wish to delete the selected PERFORMANCE. It will also indicate how many clips, text files, fonts, and images that are contained with the PERFORMANCE will be deleted from the FRONT SD CARD.

When a PERFORMANCE other than the active PERFORMANCE is selected, you will have the additional options of DELETE PERF and COPY SETTINGS. Pressing the COPY SETTINGS soft key will copy the settings from the selected PERFORMANCE to the active PERFORMANCE. Settings include information from the ACTIONS page, STATES page, MACROS page, and the CC slot map from the MOD MATRIX page.

For example, if you wanted to copy the settings from PERF001 to PERF003, first select PERF003 and press the LOAD PERF soft key. Now that PERF003 is the active performance, use the ENCODER to select PERF001 and press the COPY SETTINGS soft key.

You will be asked to confirm the copy and acknowledge that the new PERFORMANCE will be reloaded with the new settings. Remember, this only copies actions, states, macros, and modulation matrix settings, not PRESETS or any media in the PERF00? sub-folders.