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NODE Dictionary

STRUCTURE is based on the interaction of several different types of GLSL shader programs working together to generate a versatile video signal. We refer to these programs as NODES and how they interact as NODE SETS. Each NODE can have its own set of Controls, Settings, and Actions.

There are two types of Parameters:
Controls: Send a value to the NODE to affect the GLSL shader
Settings: Set a behavior for the NODE based from a list of choices.

Actions are triggered events that generally walk through a list of items that are the core shader files being run or different options for a specific setting parameter.

Most NODES will have actions to load PREV, NEXT, RANDOM, or LAST FRAG shader. Some NODES also have node-specific files like font (TXT NODE) or 3-D Object (3D NODE) that can be modified in the same manner.

The following links go to each NODE and their parameters and actions.