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Pressing the MACRO key opens the MACRO page, where you can configure what the MACRO knobs change as well as route modulation sources to them. Also, MACRO. 🙂

Use the ENCODER knob to choose which MACRO you wish to modify.

You can change what the MACRO knobs do by pressing the EDIT MACRO soft key to enter the MACROS/EDIT page for the MACRO:

Use the ENCODER konb to select a control and press the SELECT key to choose it. Press the CANCEL soft key to exit this page. A favorite modification is to change MACRO 3 to ‘Time Control’ so you can speed up, slow down, or reverse SHADERS that modulate based on system time.

Pressing the EDIT MOD soft key opens the familiar SELECT SOURCE window :

Use the ENCODER knob to select the modulation source and press the SET soft key to enable it.

NOTE: the incoming value is ADDED to the MACRO knob value, so you will probably want to turn the MACRO knob all the way counter-clockwise to see how the MOD SOURCE is affecting the OUTPUT.

The orange bar under the parameter name will show the current MACRO value. Press the JOY X/Y soft key to toggle mapping between JOY X, JOY Y, and no JOYSTICK input. The JOYSTICK mapping status for the MACRO is indicated under the ‘Select Source’ title. Press the ENCODER knob or another menu button to exit this page

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