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Mixer Node, mix two NODE types using GLSL SHADER code.

The flow of the MIX is read top to bottom of the NODESET display. A node feeds in to another node if there is a red box at the intersection of the line and NODE graphic. If there is a dashed line, the connection is NOT routed to the NODE. Consider this example:

The IMG1 NODE is sent to EFX1 and then to the MIX1 node “input 1”. The break in the connection goes “underneath” EFX2. The image is also sent to EFX2 and then in to the MIX1 node “input 2”

        FPARAM0 : to shader fparams[0]
        FPARAM1 : to shader fparams[1]
        FPARAM2 : to shader fparams[2]

uniform sampler2D tex; // left input
uniform sampler2D tex2; // right input

Initial Input Order :
        1:2 :
        2:1 :

        Previous FRAG Shader
        Next FRAG Shader
        Random FRAG Shader
        Last FRAG Shader

        Swap Input Toggle : This swaps input 1 and input 2 going in to the MIX NODE

NODES MIX1 and MIX2 are based on the MIX NODE.

MIX node FRAG shaders and parameter(s):
chromaKey f0:key color
chromaKey f1:key range
chromaKey f2:edge opacity

circle2 f0:x pos
circle2 f1:y pos
circle2 f2:zoom

cmixup f0:red mix
cmixup f1:green mix
cmixup f2:blue mix

colorBurn f0:level

colorDodge f0:level

compare f0:steps

cycle f0:base level
cycle f1:blend level

darken f0:level

darkerC f0:level

diff f0:level

divide f0:level

exclusion f0:level

glitch f0:crossfade
glitch f1:pixel size
glitch f2:gradient

glitchScanX f0:crossfade
glitchScanX f1:margin
glitchScanX f2:time bias

glitchScanY f0:crossfade
glitchScanY f1:margin
glitchScanY f2:time bias

golpurp f0:level

hardMix f0:level

lighten f0:level

lighterC f0:level

linearBurn f0:level

linearDodge f0:level

lumaKey f0:key luma
lumaKey f1:key range
lumaKey f2:edge opacity

mcircles f0:level
mcircles f1:ring count

mix f0:crossfade

mod2 f0:level

mod f0:level

nearDeltaMix f0:level

offset f0:level

offsetX f0:level

offsetY f0:level

orange f0:level

overlay f0:level

satKey f0:key sat
satKey f1:key range
satKey f2:edge opacity

screen f0:level

smooth f0:level

stoneMix2 f0:corner scale
stoneMix2 f1:rotation
stoneMix2 f2:bright offset

stoneMix f0:corner scale
stoneMix f1:rotation
stoneMix f2:bright offset

vertBands f0:level
vertBands f1:bar count