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The Image (IMG) NODE allows you to display Portable Network Graphics (.png) image files, up to 1024×768 pixels at 24 bit color. Alpha channel is not utilized. The image should have a 4:3 ratio for full screen coverage.

You can load your own images from the FRONT SDCARD by copying them in to the images/ directory.

When the IMG NODE is highlighted, pressing the PARAMS button will bring up the following menu :

       IMG : The .png file you want to display
       FRAG : This is the GLSL fragment shader (aka FRAG Shader) that is used to display you image. Some of these shaders act as a ‘Free’ effect in the way it interacts with the image. If you load an image in the IMG NODE and the colors or dimensions look wrong, try changing the FRAG Shader to ‘pass’ which will just display image without any modifications.

       If the FRAG Shader has any parameters that can be modulated, they will be listed in this section.

Rand/Walk Image : Allow the PREV, NEXT, LAST, RND actions to change the active image
        No or Yes

Rand/Walk Shader : Allow the PREV, NEXT, LAST, RND actions to change the active FRAG Shader
        No or Yes

Time Adj : For FRAG shaders that utilize system time (like ‘kb’) – speed up or slow down relative to system time.

Decouple Time : Do not synchronize FRAG shader with system time

ACTIONS : You can assign actions to change the image, FRAG Shader, or both (ALL)
        Previous ALL
        Next ALL
        Random ALL
        Last ALL

        Previous IMAGE
        Next IMAGE
        Random IMAGE
        Last IMAGE

        Previous FRAG Shader
        Next FRAG Shader
        Random FRAG Shader
        Last FRAG Shader

NODES IMG1 and IMG2 are based on the IMG NODE.

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