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Pressing the ACTIONS button will open the ACTIONS page where you can define controls that act on the PERFORMANCE, NODE SETS, and individual NODES.

The NODES will be listed alphabetically, which means for the GEN1->EFX1 NODE SET, the EFX1 NODE is listed first. From here, you can add MIDI, GATE, or keyboard events to control the NODES.

When you press the ADD MIDI soft key a window will pop up where you use the ENCODER knob to select a MIDI NOTE by number or press a key on a MIDI controller or sequencer and STRUCTURE will MIDI Learn the note. The MIDI NOTE ON triggers the action.

Press the ADD GATE soft key to choose one of the three front panel GATE INPUTS by pressing them, sending a pulse to the 1/8″ input jack (like a CV Learn), or using the ENCODER knob to change GATE.

The ADD KB soft key allows you to use a USB-compliant keyboard or numeric keypad to use letters and numbers to trigger ACTIONS.

In general, you can define actions to Next, Previous, Random, and Last file that the NODES nodes use. Other NODES, like EFX1 have additional controls for ‘Bypass Toggle’ and ‘Clear Buffer’, among others. Refer to the NODE Dictionary for more information on modifiable parameters on each NODE type.

After the NODE section is the NODE SET section:

Here you can assign controls to perform the actions for next and previous NODE SET (like the soft keys on the DISPLAY page) as well as various RANDOM options.

If you press the soft key for the PAGE (denoted by the gray arrow) (next to the REMOVE soft key) you will see the PERFORM soft key. Pressing this soft key will trigger the highlighted action. Press the PAGE (gray arrow) soft key to return to the previous page.

The PERF section of the ACTIONS page has the following options:
Reset Time: Set system time elapsed to 0.0
Reset MIDI/CC Note: Clear MIDI buffer (similar to MIDI Panic function)
BANK 1 / 2 / 3 / 4: Change active PRESET BANK
Load PRESET 1-16: Load PRESET from location in active BANK

Reading the screen capture above, if you wanted to load the PRESET stored at location 2-3 (BANK 2, PRESET 3), you would send MIDI NOTE C3 then MIDI NOTE D4

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