Here is the latest STRUCTURE firmware, followed by the previously released versions. Instructions listed below.

´╗┐If you are running and old version, please update to the latest. Missing versions in archive had code bugs and shouldn’t be used.

structure v2.5

New v2.5 Features:
* Fix for all DLY nodes for program GL pipeline (especially a problem with video)
* New nodeset TXT->RAST
* New RAST shader ‘hueDepth’

NOTE: V2.5 replaces V2.4, bug fix with DLY node.
New v2.4 Features:
* IMG Node redesign, supported shaders that allow for all kinds of image manipulation.
* IMG Node now allows for up to 1024×768 sized images (PNG 24-bit RGB)
* New DLY node, supports dual tap delay, 20 frames of delay. Shaders offer variety of compositing modes with delayed frames.
* New WIPE node, using 3rd input to wipe between both frames.
* New RAST node, similar to Rutt-Etra scan lines. Many parameters included to adjust it.
* USER button now can bring up CV or CPU overlay from anywhere. Select whether they are visible using the SYSTEM menu.
* GPU bug addressed with 3D pipeline and vertex displacements.
* Next/Prev buttons added to parameter “settings” section for quicker changing of enumerated or integer based settings.
* Joystick recording fixed when using SLEW settings.
* Program in TXT, and IMG/FRAG in IMG now support selecting which things are randomized, controlled from the parameters (WALK/RND settings).
* OVERRIDE system fixed for enumerated/indexed settings.
* 2 new GEN shaders added.

structure v2.3

New v2.3 Features (Fixed bug in v2.2):
* New 8 EFX & 10 GEN shaders
* Added 7 FB shader version with no image wrap
* Added visual indicator to macro page to show CV values applied to current macro setting
* VID->TXT->MIX1 added
* Added letters to preset page for CLIP, IMG, TXT
* Selectable AND/OR from SYSTEM menu for NODESET filtering
* Joystick slew and scaling added to SYSTEM menu
* TXT programs added; rndGrid, wordSearch, bwTypeCursCV
* Fixed speed direction of most TXT programs
* Fixed divide-by-zero in TXT program (rgbGraffiti)
* Fixed TXT node bugs, made system more robust
* Fixed audio codec to be more robust
* Override settings fix for recall

New v2.2 Features:
* New Node: TXT (+ NODESETS that use them!)
* New FBK shaders; hueDrift, jitter, jitterFold, logCircle, moveHue, overayHue, overlayLum, overlaySat, randDirFold, tube, tubeWrap
* New EFX shaders; SlitScanA + others
* New GEN shaders
* Added EFX clear back action
* Ability to delete presets (using NODESET button) from PRESETS page
* CV control of the macro settings BETA

NOTE: V2.3 renamed FBK to FBK1, once you save a PRESET with FBK1, DO NOT go back to an earlier firmware and try to load a newer PRESET, it will not work. (or use a different FRONT card that has no presets instead which will work fine).  This also occurs if you have TXT presets since that node did not exist earlier.

NOTE: V2.3 replaces V2.1, V2.2, bug fix with Macro Time Control.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed memory leak on Shader loading
* Fixed Save/Recall of Overrides
* Fixed Preset save #


  1. Place the *.fw file dowloaded above to the front “performance” SDCARD. Place in the root directory of the card, this is the only spot that the firmware loader will look.
  2. Put STRUCTURE into firmware mode in one of two ways. If STRUCTURE is OFF, hold the SYSTEM button in while starting structure. If STRUCTURE is already on, go into the SYSTEM menu and select “Open Firmware Menu”.
  3. If you held SYSTEM down as you started STRUCTURE, select the first option “Firmware Menu” and select the RUN button. If you started from the SYSTEM menu, you will already be in the “Firmware Menu”.
  4. If FIRMWARE is found on the front SDCARD, you’ll see “Structure Firmware found on SD card” You can select INSTALL NEW FIRMWARE . A list of FIRMWARE on the card will be listed, and you can select the one you want to install and select INSTALL NEW VERSION.
  5. Once the firmware is installed, exiting out of the FIRMWARE utility will bring you into the new version of the STRUCTURE FIRMWARE.

Previous Versions

structure v2.0

New v2.0 Features:
* New Macro: Contrast
* New Macro: Colorizer
* 32 MIDI CC Slots now available
* New FBK Shader: angular
* System Menu Setting: Recall Overrides on Startup
* 240p Video Input now supported
* Timing Decouple ability on individual nodes (in Parameters)
* New EFX Shader: strips
* New GEN Shaders: 20 new shaders
* New Node: FREQ (Spectrum analyzer CV1X)
* New Node Sets: CLIP -> AUD and AUFX variants
* Node Set Filtering System now available on NODE SET button.

Bug Fixes:
* Cleaned up VXY, ADC processing and LCD sequencing
* Random fixed on exiting file list with node locks used

structure v1.9

(v1.9 fixed bug in v1.8 with preset recall and time adj values less than 1.0) 

New v1.9 Features:
* VXY NODE added, vector based XY (XY node plots points)
* IMG2 NODE added, allows 2 images to be used together
* handful of SHADERS and NODESETS added for VXY
* New seeding system for random
* NODESET Added: VID+FBK->EFX into MIX added
* NODESET Added: IMG1+IMG2 into MIX1->EFX
* Added card format to system menu (for cards that are not correct)
* New MIX shaders; glitch, glitchScanX, glitchScanY

Bug Fixes:
* 3D System fixed, multiple problems
* Clip load changed to pop up sooner
* Fixed reboot STRUCTURE deadlock
* Adjusted I2C system for low speed ADC

structure v1.7

New v1.7 Features:
* CLIP NODE added (See STRUCTURE page for more details)
* QUICK adjustment added for NODE local time scaling
* VID->EFX12->MIX added
* VID->FBK->EFX added
* XY->FB added
* ‘arotscale’ added to EFX for auto rotation (uses accumulator)
* ‘fold’ added to FBK node, folds feedback back down
* ‘wrap’ added to FBK node, feedback wraps back around (modulus)
* CUE added to main FILE LIST, allows cueing up file changes (action)

Bug Fixes:
* Settings were not restored properly from presets
* VID zoom algorithm fixed
* XY node rewritten, removes discontinuity and plus pixels
* VIDEO in for PAL rewritten, runs at full PAL resolution now
* Black lines of CLIPS removed, part of memory overrun
* CLIP load fixed
* VID->3D fixed
* Depth mode fixed in 3D Node
* Blend mode fixed in 3D Node

structure v1.3

New v1.3 Features:
*Emboss and Frosted added to EFX node shaders
*chromaKey,lumaKey,satKey added to MIX node shaders

New Features:
* New FEEDBACK (FBK) node with additional NODESETS
* BYPASS mode for EFX# nodes (with state/action/params)
* SWAP mode for MIX# node inputs (with state/action/params)
* SDCard directory creation option in system menu added
* Added Input2 to Background mode for 3D params
* Added end bar to CV345 display (turn on in settings)
* Parameter page CV value color changed to CYAN
* Parameter page CV color selectable (system settings)
* Shaders with same name on SDCard override internal shaders
* Preview (selected shader/out) added to main File selection
* Fade in/out on Preset load (selectable in system settings)

Bug Fixes:
* SDCard proper detection for non-proper FAT32 partitions
* Fixed REL mode for motion control/joystick
* Calibrated NTSC/PAL video input rendering
* Fixed FX shaders to all be oriented properly
* Reworked zoomRotate for VID for higher quality

structure v1.0