Why is the RED button shown in two different locations (RANDOM/MOTION)?

The RED button is supposed to be the MOTION button. A few modules shipped with the RED button installed for RANDOM. Also, we had some incorrect graphics with the RED button in the wrong place.

Why doesn’t my VIDEO IN work?

There are a few things here that you might not have setup correctly, let’s break it down by type:

1) SOURCE TYPE: NTSC/PAL, make sure your system is set (through the SYSTEM menu) to the type of system you are working in. If your output is PAL, the input has to be PAL. (Same with NTSC).

2) COMPOSITE/CVBS: Make sure the little switch to the right of the VIDEO INPUT section is in the DOWN position. This selects the Composite (CVBS) input on the front panel. Note that you can take one of STRUCTURE’s outputs and plug it into the input! Now you have external feedback. (For extra credit, use both the internal AND external feedback!)

3) LZX 1V: Make sure the little with to the right of the VIDEO INPUT section is in the UP position. You will NEED a SYNC source to plug into STRUCTURE on the back side of the unit. Typically, this comes from the LZX system and from a module like Visual Cortex which is the master SYNC for most systems. That said, whatever your system is SYNCed with, you can use even a video signal as SYNC, it ignores everything but the SYNC pulse. Now you can use anything for RGB, even outside the 1V realm (although voltages above 1V are clamped down so you just get full color on that channel. Typically you use sources like Prismatic Ray that are synced to Visual Cortex as well. Note if STRUCTURE is the last device receiving SYNC on a chain from Visual Cortex, be sure to set the switch on the back to turn on the line terminator (its near the SYNC RCA jacks).

(For extra credit, you can use STRUCTURE to SYNC to itself! Take one of the front outputs and plug into the input on the back (set the terminator on). Now you can use any signals like audio into R, G and B. Note that they won’t be synced to anything in particular, so the image will roll and all that, BUT, you can have fun just creating some random stuff this way.)