GateStorm Firmware Updating Instructions

If you haven’t disabled the splash screen on the GateStorm, the current version is listed at the bottom when the module starts up.  If you have, navigate to the second page of the System Settings, where you make changes to the colors, to see what version you have loaded.

Updating the firmware required you to remove the module so you can get to the back of it while powering on your case.  In the back of GateStorm is a button.  You need to hold this button in while you apply power to GateStorm, the screen should start up white.

Once the module is in Firmware Update mode, attach the module to a windows computer (or through a virtual machine like Virtual Box on OSX or Linux) with a USB cable.

Firmware updating requires using the Firmware Updating Software that can be downloaded directly from ST, navigate to the link below and download the software at the bottom of the page called STSW-STM32080

STM32 Firmware Updating Software used by GateStorm

To download it, ST requires you accept their license agreement and they will ask for some additional information.  Once you enter this information, you can select download at the bottom of the page and they will email you a link you can use to download the software.  If you don’t see the email right away, check your spam folder.

Once the software downloads, unzip the files and you should see DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.5_Setup, run this to install the firmware updater.

Once done, go ahead and start the DfuSe Demo application that was just installed on your system.

Up in the top left of the application is a list of Available DFU Devices.  This is where you should see one device.  If you do not see one, try disconnecting and connecting the USB cable back to the computer.  There should ONLY be one device listed when it is connected correctly.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 2.34.30 AM

Download the latest firmware here:


Select the Choose button in the Upgrade or Verify Action section of the application. From here, select the firmware file you downloaded above, which should end in the extension .DFU.  The bottom of the Application should tell you File correctly loaded.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 2.35.45 AM

Now select the Upgrade button in the Upgrade or Verify Action section of the application.    A dialog box will pop up asking you to make sure the file is correct.  Select Yes.  The bottom of the screen will show you the progress as the firmware is uploaded to GateStorm.  When the firmware is done upgrading, you will see Target 00: Upgrade successful! at the bottom of the screen.  You can now quit the firmware uploading application.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 2.44.18 AM

At this point, remove the USB cables from the computer and GateStorm and cycle the power on GateStorm.  You should see the new firmware in the locations described above depending on your system settings.