Octal VCA

VC8 is a high density DC Coupled VCA module designed to give you a large number of VCAs with CV level and OFFSET control, along with optional VCA controlled dual sub-mix capability.

While we are putting together videos to demonstrate all the functionality, design, and use of VC8, here are the features of the module.

VC8 Manual

Overall Features:

  • 8 channels of linear VCA
    • DC coupled
    • Each channel has a CV LEVEL attenuator, full VCA can be open at +5V.
    • Each channel has a CV OFFSET control that can add positive or negative amounts to the CV LEVEL value.  When no CV LEVEL is applied, CV OFFSET is used to open the VCA.
    • White LED indicates CV LEVEL after OFFSET applied
    • Based on LM13700 OTA.
  • Output sub-mix configuration can be engaged on 2 channels
    • Channel 4 sub-mix engaged will receive VCA channels 1-3 and be controlled by VCA 4
    • Channel 8 sub-mix engaged with receive VCA channels 5-7 and be controlled by VCA 8
    • Channels 1,2,3,5,6,7 still provide straight through VCA signal regardless of sub-mix setting
  • Aluminum knobs with knurled edge for easy manipulation
  • 18 HP
  • Skiff Friendly (Very shallow)
  • Power: +12v/-12v
  • Current: 80mA/70mA

VC8 is currently available now, check with your favorite eurorack dealer!

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