Here is the latest STRUCTURE firmware, followed by the previously released versions. Instructions listed below.

structure v1.0

  1. Place the *.fw file dowloaded above to the front “performance” SDCARD. Place in the root directory of the card, this is the only spot that the firmware loader will look.
  2. Put STRUCTURE into firmware mode in one of two ways. If STRUCTURE is OFF, hold the SYSTEM button in while starting structure. If STRUCTURE is already on, go into the SYSTEM menu and select “Open Firmware Menu”.
  3. If you held SYSTEM down as you started STRUCTURE, select the first option “Firmware Menu” and select the RUN button. If you started from the SYSTEM menu, you will already be in the “Firmware Menu”.
  4. If FIRMWARE is found on the front SDCARD, you’ll see “Structure Firmware found on SD card” You can select INSTALL NEW FIRMWARE . A list of FIRMWARE on the card will be listed, and you can select the one you want to install and select INSTALL NEW VERSION.
  5. Once the firmware is installed, existing out of the FIRMWARE utility will bring you into the new version of the STRUCTURE FIRMWARE.