Module News

It’s here!!

Now shipping our next high density module RADAR is now available,  8 channels of AD/AR envelopes selectable between logarithmic, linear, andexponential, with CV control.  Also has two other modes providing one or two quadrature envelope sets, or one octal envelope set!  Expander named BLIP coming soon!




Now shipping  Our high density Octal VCA is now available, includes level and offset controls for CV input.  Offset control allows negative or positive offset.  Channels 4 and 8 can be used to as sub-mix for the preceding 3 channels if desired.






Our flexible utility module designed for high density.  8 Channels of attenuation or gain up to 2x.  4 channels allow inversion of the incoming signal.  Bi-colored LED indicates polarity of the outgoing signal.  2 mix switches that allow for 4 combinations of mixing.  Non patched inputs become a DC source that can be used for a variety of applications!

Released in collaboration with SSF, GateStorm is shipping! Advanced eurorack gate generator, has lots of amazing features.  Simple and complex gate generation, logic, randomization, patch changes, full CV matrix, clock sync, output assign, trigger assigns, the list goes on and on.




Utility Module for use with Mother32.  Add’s a variety of useful features like CV control of the patch/bank settings that can be used stand alone or with a sequencer to sequence your sequencers.  Also includes CV control of the ASSIGN output, toggling of the sustain feature of the M32 internal sequencer, and finally an analog sample and hold circuit!

Connects to the Mother32 with a MIDI cable.




Be sure to check the MODULES page above for more details on all our modules.